Osteria di Russo & Russo is owned by father and son Pino and Marc Russo, and made possible by a dedicated team of “honorary Italians” in the Kitchen and Front of House.

The Russo family moved from Monte Di Procida, Napoli, to start a new life in Eastwood, Sydney and provide better opportunities for their children. By 1979, 176,536 Italians had also immigrated to Australia, many with similar dreams. Pino Russo eventually opened Russo restaurant on Crown street, had two more children with his Australian wife Chris, and eventually got good at golf. The other 176,535 built the Snowy Mountains Scheme, made Calamari cost $32 a kilo and changed modern Australian culture in all sorts of trivial and profound ways.

Osteria di Russo & Russo pays homage to the influence of these new arrivals to Australia, and re interprets the Italian restaurants of their era, with a Mamma in the kitchen cooking things from scratch, a napkin folded into a swan on the table and a maitre D’ who remembers your wife’s birthday.

Our food involves classic Italian flavour combinations, but rarely uses imported ingredients and is informed more by seasons and modern cooking techniques rather than traditional recipes. Our wine list reveres the classics from Piedmont and Tuscany, whilst celebrating excellent examples of Nebbiolo and Trebianno grown locally.

The restaurant is styled on the classic Italian trattorias of the 1970s, but serves intricate share plates, offers bar dining and doesn’t play Andrea Bocceli.